Friday, 18 February 2011

The Kooples:)

Lately I've become obsessed with The Kooples. Not only are the clothes amazingly classic, well-tailored pieces, that combine elements of simplicity with insane chic-ness...but the 'Kooples' themselves are so cool you almost have to look away, and did I mention hott. I find the whole idea behind the brand very interesting and refreshing, not to mention, I'm now an avid follower of Margaux and Warren (below)'s blog. Too cute for words. And lets be honest, their names are even cool!! Not going to lie, with commercials airing everyday giving  examples of  what 'real' couples look like I'm still far more apt to be a voyeur of this beautiful relationship than Barb and Dan from Indianapolis, IN. They're just so adorable and sexy. love it. Truth. 

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