Thursday, 13 December 2012

So, I'm moving back to the United States from Scotland in a few days and it feels incredibly bittersweet. I feel like taking chances and following my gut has always led me to great things in the past but looking back on how incredible this whole experience has been makes it harder to leave. I've met some of the most extraordinary people along the way whom have all touched my life in various capacities and changed who I am in the process. I will be forever grateful for them and their deeply rooted friendship and support.  So this is what's happening: I'm moving home, as Oprah would say "listening to the whispers", and although it may be harder as I get older to run and jump off the cliff I still think I've got another few "screw it, let's do it's" left in me. It's crazy because I have no clue where I may end up and I find that pretty exciting. LA being a strong contender although I still miss Charleston like an old friend. I've also considered Nashville and Austin. I guess only time will tell. It's crazy how 'whispers' (from the Universe, if you will) work. I've found, more recently, that people come in and out of your life, some to serve a specific purpose, to show you something, to teach you something, to change your direction, and I think I'm getting better at seeing the signs. I'm looking forward to this next chapter, and even though its a little scary not knowing what the future brings its also pretty exhilarating. So here goes nothing.